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I write about motivational and inspirational stuff.

Motivation and Self Confidence Tips

 "Under the circumstances" is a place where it would be easy for you to pile on some negative thinking that can weigh on self confidence and motivation.


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Motivational Quotes

Faith is a popular subject in motivational quotes because it is the opposite of doubt, and one of the cornerstones of inspiration that can provide a foundation of confidence. 


A definition of faith quoted in the bible is “the substance of things hoped for”. This invisible substance can be elusive, but it can be a catalyst for motivation if you can manage to have some, even as little as a mustard seed.


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Improve Confidence & Self Esteem

If you have a choice to be confident or worried, which one would you choose? The answer seems obvious, but you may worry by default, unless you make a deliberate choice.

Books on how to be confident and are plentiful, as well as a variety of different methods on how to stop worrying, but there is yet another easy way to build self confidence and improve self esteem - by making a choice between two completely opposite thoughts.


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